Rapid Tan Airbrush Tanning Solution is our high-speed, fast acting blend.


Tanning at Light Speed

  Available in one user customized depth

Bronze Tint, Light Melon Scent


 Faster acting, better absorbing, enhanced DHA penetration.

A specialized dual tanning agent Airbrush Tanning solution, that your clients can customize to their personal shade preference. DHA and Erythrulose blend, which can produce a longer lasting slower fading tan.
  •  One product which all your clients can use to individualize their tanning experience to the depth level they prefer.
  • Maybe they want to be lighter one week and darker the next, but do not want the concerns of changing to a different “untried” formula, blend or depth.
  • Busy schedules causing issues with their 8-12 hour “shower” schedule? Can they better adjust to showering at 2- 4 hours?
  • Provide a bit extra convenience for clients on the run.
  • Great option for clients who do not want discoloration on bedding, or have an event to attend, and no time to “wait” before they can shower.
  • Helps minimize orange and poor fade off concerns, from using to dark a product.

The client is in charge of their tan shade. Client can adjust final tan coloration based on when they choose to shower off their developing solution.

  • Shower at 2 hours for a light depth tan
  • Shower at 4 hours for a medium depth tan
  • Shower at 6 hrs or more for a dark depth tan

Not recommended to postpone post tan shower longer than 6 hrs.

Color will continue to deepen over 12-24 hours, leaving client with a rich brown natural looking finish.

Available in one user personalized shade in clean crisp smelling Lemon Zest scent, provides a natural look for all your clients.


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Rapid Tan, when your client can’t wait.