Its finally here, a Rapid Tan that does what it supposed to do. A brand new formulation, allowing you to tan in as little as 1 hour. Its a fast developing solution designed for those customers who require a tan in a hurry. No more turning down last minute events!

This is a high performance tanning formula featuring Tan Control® a secret blend of ingredients with no parabens, alcohol DEA or TEA based preservatives.  Let your client choose their colour depth as this solution works across all skin types.  Infused with organic plant extracts, Suntana’s Rapid tan is the ultimate in tanning technology and will fade better than most other brands on the market giving a realistic natural bronze colour. Available in the beautiful summer fragrance of strawberry-Vanilla. no DHA smell during the development time (as with other spray tans)

Tan Control
wash off after 1-2 hours for light/medium
wash off after 3-4 hours for medium
wash off after 4+ hours for darker results

Typically, the tan results will not be as dark as either our Chocolate or Blackberry solutions and is not intended to be thier replacement, this product is designed to develop quickly, so quickly that the results can often be seen minutes after the application.  Unlike other so called ‘fast’ products which are basically a standard formulation with a ridiculously high percentage of DHA, Suntana’s Rapid Tan is a completely new formulation with some very special ingredients, quite different from our other products. Clients will receive an almost instantaneous tan with beautiful natural tones and can leave the product on while they attend thier last minute event safe in the knowledge that they will never end up looking too dark by the end of it.